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At Corless Funeral Services we appreciate the value of everyone.

We have been in Business since 1921 providing a service to Galway that is based on a commitment to best practice and our understanding for a family’s needs. read more
In the event of a death
If a doctor is not present, contact the doctor in order to obtain a death certificate. The doctor might decide if a coroner needs to be called.

In the case of sudden or unusual death, do not move anything until an official pronouncement of death has been made by the doctor. read more
What to do after a funeral
Who deals with settling the Estate?

If the deceased had a will, it should specify who is to serve as the executor or personal representative. The person named is responsible for making sure creditors are paid, assets are distributed and estate tax returns are filed. read more
Services we provide
Although everyone's personal reaction to bereavement is different, most people experience some of the following emotional responses when someone close to them dies; Disbelief, Shock, Anger, Sadness...

These emotions normally occur, however, some or more of these responses.... read more
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Coffin, Casket and Cremation Urns Range
View some of the range of Coffins, Casket, and Urns we can provide. View More

About Corless Funeral Services

Our company's reputation is built on the strong knowledge of legal procedures, traditions, and the care that we show to our clients. We have worked long and hard to acquire the knowledge that we have today and have built strong relationships with other funeral directors abroad , airline companies, government institutions, assistance agencies, and other parties across the globe to ensure that our services run smoothly and in a cost efficient manner. Our professional staff can offer you help and advice on any matters regarding international transportation of your deceased loved one. We can take care of any administrative, legal, and logistical issues that may keep you from bringing your deceased loved one to their final resting place. We can even make arrangements for funeral ceremonies, burial or cremation. Our multilingual staff is sensitive to all ideologies, religions, nationalities, and can make arrangements that would suit your individual needs.

Our company is dedicated to providing repatriation services for the members of the general public. However, we also offer our services to government institutions, corporate clients, and anyone who needs them.

The Services We Provide

  • Full global repatriation
  • Customs clearances
  • Embalming
  • Removal/delivery of body
  • Mortuary storage
  • Obtainment of non-infectious disease certificate
  • Customs clearance
  • Embassy/consulate visits
  • Obtainment of Coroner's Out of England Order
  • Providing a coffin/casket
  • Multilingual support 24/7
  • Cremation
  • Repatriation of ashes
  • Translation of all relevant documents.
  • Flight arrangements
  • Confidential services
  • Liaison with family members
  • Special land transport for quick repatriation within EU