Pre-paid Funeral planning

For anybody wish’s to make arrangements for their own Funeral in advance and set aside monies to pay for the Funeral.  Corless Funeral Services have put in place a practical and risk free procedure for you.

We will discuss your requirements in confidence with you. This can take place in your own home, or by you calling to our premises, or in conversation over the telephone.

We will go through every details of your funeral and we will discuss with you.

  • Where you are to be reposed
  • How you are to be dressed,
  • Transportation requirements for family
  • Chosen Church,
  • Chosen cemetery/crematorium,
  • Newspaper announcements,
  • Music,
  • Floral tributes,
  • Church Offering, gratuities,

You will then receive, in writing, a proposal for your own Funeral Arrangements. It will also include the cost of that Funeral at current prices. You should give a copy of this proposal to the executor of your will, relative or even a good friend

You will then be advised to lodge that amount in an interest-bearing Deposit Account in your chosen Bank, Building Society or Post Office. You should advise the Manager that the purpose of the account is to pay for your Funeral Expenses. Thus, when the time comes, Corless Funeral Services will carry out your wishes as specified in your Plan and forward the account to your Bank/Building Society/Post Office. A Bank Draft will then be forwarded to us to cover the cost of your Funeral with the funds coming from your Deposit Account.

The direct cost of the Funeral will not change from the price agreed with you at the beginning. But the cost of payments that we make on your behalf that are outside our control and may increase. These would include Notices, Organists, flowers etc. In order to ensure that your account is in funds to cover the Funeral Expenses, you should make contact with us at the beginning of each successive year to check what price increases there have been over the previous twelve months. The extra amount, probably a nominal sum, should be lodged by you to your Deposit Account.

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