In the event of a death

If a doctor is not present, contact the doctor in order to obtain a death certificate. The doctor might decide if a coroner needs to be called. In the case of sudden or unusual death, do not move anything until an official pronouncement of death has been made by the doctor. If the deceased held an organ donor card, inform the doctor of this immediately.

If the death occurs at home, you may also need to contact a member of the Garda Síochána (local police). They can also decide if a coroner needs to be called.

Locate the person's burial instructions and last wishes, if these exist.

Contact a funeral director for help with funeral arrangements.

Contact the next of kin, especially those abroad who may have to book flights.

Notify others of the death; close friends, relatives, neighbours, and employer and work colleagues.

If it was the deceased’s wishes to be buried, find out if a burial plot exists and determine its exact location. If you are using a local funeral director, they may help you with this. 

When it is convenient as a family talk about the arrangements bearing in mind that the deceased may have had their own wishes:

When you contact us we will talk about following,

  • Will there be a wake? If yes, where will this be held?
  • Will the body be on view (open or closed coffin)?
  • are mourners welcome or is it “house private”, for family only (mention in death notice)
  • location, date and time for the services
  • content for the death notice
  • decide on coffin, casket or pod (for a burial)
  • determine if you want ashes scattered or in a container (for a cremation)
  • do you want flowers or charitable donations (mention in death notice)  
  • decide on prayers, readings, offerings, music and structure of the service
  • decide on who should be involved in the service and remember to ask them in good time
  • Do you want make provision for refreshments after the service.
  • These are only some of the points, every family’s situation is different and so we are open toany idea that a family may have.


Depending on the family’s wish the type of service and last resting place is chosen. If the deceased was religious, call the appropriate religious leader for guidance.

If it was the deceased’s wishes to have a natural or woodland burial, then you will need to contact the appropriate organisation, such as Bury Me Green.

If the deceased wanted a non-religious ceremony,  a civil celebrant will be contacted

Arrange for someone trustworthy to look after the house while you and the family attend the funeral. This is an important measure, to guard against burglary. Avail of help that others may offer in sincerity and remember to keep a note of who to thank. Jobs that may need to be done include:

  • Cleaning the house and preparing for the wake
  • Digging the grave.
  • Transport to and from the ceremonies
  • Looking after the children
  • Looking after an elderly person
  • Watering plants at the deceased's home
  • Taking care of the deceased’s pet
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